I have been investigating the paranormal since 1989 when I lived in Boston. I continued when I moved to Maine and now work with my husband Stephen. Together we have done hundreds of investigations, Many with soul rescue. Soul rescue is where the "ghost" is crossed over to the other side. It is a process where prayer and reasoning come together to try to explain to an intelligent haunting that they have died and need to move on to be with their loved ones. 
   There are primarily three types of Hauntings: The first is Intelligent haunting,they may appear visually and can be responsive to external conditions. These are what we may refer to as "ghosts". They seem to frequent certain sites and can at times be photographed as orbs or distortions in photographs. We can get voices and at times communicate with them via ghost box or on tape.

   The second type seems to replay a scene or incident or may be vocal as well. These are referred to as "residual" hauntings, more like a time warp. They are not aware of any present day observers.

  The third type is very rare and often debated, it is inhuman or demonic. These may never have been human at all. I feel that these could be mostly inter-dimensional  beings. Their main goal is to break down the human spirit or free will. Usually these have to be invited in,many times by accident or experimenting with ceremonies without proper protection.

Throughout the year we do investigations where we invite the public to come with us. Please visit the events page

So you have to ask yourself. Are you haunted? Are you sharing your house with a ghost?