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About Barbara Williams

  Dr. Barbara Williams is a well known professional psychic medium, healer, and medical intuitive who resides in Maine. Frequently asked to do radio interviews she gives readings sight unseen as well as spiritual direction. She has dedicated over 44years in the healing and holistic health field incorporating a wide array of healing modalities.  Barbara teaches psychic development throughout Maine and enjoys helping people open up to their psychic abilities. She organizes several different spiritual, paranormal, and psychic development classes throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and California. 
  She serves the Spiritualist churches and camps all over Maine. Barbara has been the Camp Director for the program at Camp Etna for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
 Every Columbus Day weekend at Acres of Wildlife Campground in Steep Falls Maine, she holds a healing and mediums retreat open to everyone at the campground. Being blessed with her abilities all her life has opened many doors along the way. She has been doing readings most of her adult life. 
  Dr. Barbara Williams is an active participant in paranormal investigations and has her Ph.D. in metaphysics. There are many opportunities for learning, teaching, and helping others in the paranormal field.



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Inner Journey

Chakra Journey

Chakra Journey

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This CD Explains the different chakras and what they are associated with. There is a chakra mediation included.

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